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Topological analytic kitchen utensils and the future trend

With the increased awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection kitchen equipment become the inevitable trend, more and more people pay attention to the environmental protection kitchen decorate. Especially in garbage sorting gradually on the agenda now, many clients requires environmental protection kitchen utensils and appliances, not only healthy but also save energy.

Environmental protection, first of all, is to do on the overall concept, first is lightweight, in ensuring the kitchen equipment strength, stiffness under the premise of shape and size, as far as possible a reduction in the number of equipment parts, to narrow the section size of parts; Second is to improve the utilization of cabinet put oneself in another's volume, reasonably design items storage space; Three is to use compound structure, give full play to the function of the material. Four is to adopt disassembling structure, both conducive to the production and sales, but also to parts of the old furniture recycling.

Currently on the market the kitchen countertops are divided into four categories: natural stone (marble, granite countertops, facing the mesa of fire prevention board, stainless steel mesa, man-made stone mesa, they all have the anti-fouling, very hot, the basic characteristics of scratch resistant. But from a comprehensive index, the most suitable for the kitchen or man-made stone mesa kitchen equipment.

Compared with natural stone, artificial stone is much larger, the density of oil, water damage is not easy to penetrate into; Spell seam after polishing general is not easy to find; Even color, design and color is more; The most important thing is, man-made stone by stone, radioactivity is far lower than natural stone material, more environmentally friendly. At the same time, facing mesa of fire prevention and stainless steel mesa use particle board base material, more because of its high water absorption, easy be affected with damp be affected with damp deformation; Production will use the formaldehyde content is higher of urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, easy cause indoor air pollution.

In addition to the mesa material, whole kitchen equipment use woodiness material is environmental protection, also can let a kitchen look natural pure and fresh and comfortable. Now many owners are like contracted style of the kitchen, on the building, kitchen and hallway penetration can use shallow maple color cabinets and continuous cropping a oak floor, giving the feeling of the whole space pure and fresh quietly elegant. At the same time, make environmental protection kitchen still has a lot of detail is going to arrangement and consider very carefully. For example, can add a stacked old stool in the kitchen, not only can be used as a simple and easy equipment eat, can also be used as a flower, break the mediocrity of the kitchen suddenly seem individual character is dye-in-the-wood, little old wooden desk also have the same effect. As long as the modelling fastidious, go to the flea market tao tao, may have unexpected harvest, this way both to save money and do not affect the appearance.

Now many owners think green with white the most easy to express, but white kitchen clean, but inevitably some cold feeling, this time can add a light oak arrange stage and fastens with color floor echo, immediately can add the warm feeling on the vision. Of course should pay attention to it's best not to use woodiness mesa near the sink, in order to prevent mold deformation.

Of course, environmental protection is the most important is to reduce energy consumption. Are the main sources of the family kitchen, and kitchen appliances as a core component of kitchen equipment, whether to have the function of the health, environmental protection is more important.

Kitchen pollution mainly soot pollution, noise pollution, electromagnetic radiation, etc. Should try to choose those with functions of energy saving, low consumption of kitchen equipment. Such as lampblack machine if there is a "high speed, low speed, the gentle speed" three speed, cooker can use soft speed profile for a long time, save electricity and silent; Kitchen burning gas is pure blue high flame; Disinfection cabinet whether to adopt a shaped light disinfection, whether there is intelligent tracking function of disinfection.

In addition, the fastest part of kitchen garbage is a breeding ground for bacteria and odor, timely treatment is particularly important. In order to reduce pollution, select the garbage processor is the best way. The tiny bones, seafood, egg shells, bones and head, vegetables leaf vegetables, fruit and fruit peel, leftovers, etc can all be using garbage processor from sewers, washed away, at the same time solve the problem of the sewer blocked.

Garbage processor has a variety of models and specifications, the family can choose according to staff how many different models to use. And garbage processor for kitchen sink structure, power position has certain requirements, so when installation should be prior consultation.

User demand structure change tendency

Overall in the early 1990 s, western kitchen equipment into China, and today the kitchen equipment industry in China, a short span of 20 years of development, has begun to take shape. Integral kitchen equipment is triggered hutch defends trendy, become the hot topic of the modern household, consumer demand is higher, with strong market demand for space, let ambry industry increasingly fierce competition, the opportunities and challenges.

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