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Kitchen kitchen utensils and cleaning tips
Put a dish rack
A lot of family habits stack put washing bowls and dishes in the cupboard, freshly washed the dishes up stacked together very easy seeper, coupled with ambry is airtight, no ventilation, moisture evaporation out very hard, natural bacteria can develop.
Some people like the bowl with dry dishcloth dry, but with many bacteria on the cloth, the seemingly "clean" is counterproductive. In addition, the dishes pile together, on a dirt at the bottom of the dishes were all stained with the next dishes, not very sanitary.
Expert proposal, can set beside the sink a dish rack. After cleaning, shoving the saucers buckle the vertical position, put the bowl on the shelf, will soon be able to make the dishes dry naturally, both convenient and health.
Chopsticks tube and head to breathe freely
Some people put the chopsticks in the cupboard after washing, or put in airtight plastic chopsticks tube, these practices are not desirable, it is best to choose stainless steel wire, permeability is good chopsticks made of cone, and set about nailing it to a wall or put in ventilated place, it can quickly drain the water.
In addition, the kitchen knife on the drawer and tool rest not ventilation is not desirable, should choose the same permeability good rest.
Hang the kitchen utensils and appliances
Many people used to put the kitchen utensils in the drawer, or in a pot and a single spoon, and a lid on it, this also is not conducive to keep dry.
Chopping board easy bibulous, many surface scratches and thin seam, often with fresh food residue. If cleaning is not thorough and improperly stored, food particles decay after can make the bacteria to multiply.
To solve these problems, might as well a small revolution in the kitchen: between condole ark and ambry, convenient places on the wall or installed a solid bar, and put hooks in the bar and after cleaning a spatula, colander, egg beater, wash the popurality hang on it, so can drain water; From these appliances remote end hang dishcloth, dish cloth and wipe the hand towel, at the other end of the bar is a stronger hook, the chopping board is hung up, so you can ensure it is dry.
In use this bar on, but also can keep the kitchen clean and tidy, pick up all kinds of equipment is also very comfortable, is fully staffed.
It is important to note that the items of hanging outside, placed in the cabinet in the natural dried also infected with dust, should be carefully rinsed clean before use.

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Add:No.6 workshop Building #505 Jinyuan Street,Dongmei Industrial Area,Jindong District,Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province,China   321000
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