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Stainless steel milk pan considerations of choose and buy
Very much treasure mom said to choose good stainless steel milk pan, choose stainless steel milk pan must pay attention to the four items.
1, material
With multilayer composite alloy structure is preferred, if use single bottom POTS for Fried, easy to cause uneven dishes cooked, affect the delicious dishes. In combination with other metal multi-layer structure, can make the POTS heated evenly, fast heat conduction, won't because the pot single point temperature is too high and burn food, also is not easy to smoke.
2, the bottom of the pot
Good pot with the bottom of the pot hierarchy distributed uniformly, so that we can both get hot the characteristics of strong, fast heat evenly, make cooking temperature is easier to control.
3, better sealing
Good sealing, combined with the heavy pot, can make the pot heat convection acceleration, uniform heat quickly, make food more moisture and nutrients in the food.
4, and other details
Good pot on detail design is a personal, such as in any Angle can ensure water from the pan edge soup poured out, will not spread out pollution pot body.
Handle ear, pot, pot of heat-resisting and not easy to deformation of the material, add buy fire steel ring, in order to prevent the fire burning hot and accelerated aging.
Ergonomic handle design, equipped with the thumb the screws, convenient grip; Can be overlapped, saving storage space, etc.
Here small make up teach everyone a milk pan black how to deal with small tips, you can use white vinegar or lemon water for a while, the wipe can handle the black case.

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Add:No.6 workshop Building #505 Jinyuan Street,Dongmei Industrial Area,Jindong District,Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province,China   321000
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